As outlined in our CEIAG Policy 2017 and Work Experience Guidance 2017, we are committed to promoting high quality careers education, information, advice and guidance as an integral part of every student’s education. This is delivered through our Inclusion Team by our dedicated Lead Transition Learning Mentor, Amie Power and Transition Learning Mentor Chrissy Dare. CEIAG is delivered in partnership with our Alternative Curriculum Co-ordinator – John Seal, who is responsible for Work Experience for Long Term Year 10’s. Our experienced staff are dedicated to ensuring our students are provided with appropriate, diverse careers knowledge to enable them to make appropriate, informed choses for their post statutory education future.

The members of staff work across the academies (Endeavour Academy Bexley, Horizons Academy Bexley and Aspire Academy Bexley) within a clear framework which aims to meet statutory requirements, whilst we constantly evolve our Careers Delivery Plan to achieve the Federation aims of enhancing students prospects, encouraging them to contribute to their communities and preparing them for the challenges and opportunities of further education, training and working life to reduce their risk of becoming NEET.

Due to the changes in Government legislation to raise the participation age to 18 years, the Transition Learning Mentors also support and track our school leavers through guidance, support and the monitoring of placement progress in partnership with students, parents, colleges, and local providers underpinned by mutual consent to share relevant information. We also work in liaison with Bexley Youth Peoples Progression Panel in relation to those most at risk of or who have become NEET. All work with post statutory students adheres to the expectations outlined in the NHF Safeguarding Policy and as such all safeguarding concerns will be responded to accordingly.

Aims of Careers Education and Guidance

  • To provide careers, financial and enterprise awareness throughout our primary and secondary schools.
  • To use a variety of platforms and tools to engage and inspire students including IT and online career packages.
  • To prepare students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.
  • To arm students with careers information in a variety of formats to meet individual needs.
  • To enable students to understand and interpret local and national careers information to assist them in making informed choices.
  • To help students develop their further education and career awareness to enable them to manage personal career development and make appropriate choices.
  • To enable students to manage transitions such as the change from school to college or to apprenticeships within the workplace.
  • To enable Year 10 students to experience the world of work through Work Experience.
  • To implement long term work placements as part of Personal Learning Plans based upon students achieving predicted grades and sufficient risk assessments.
  • To support students to engage and maintain their post statutory placements.
  • To support EHCP Moving On and Transition Plans in partnership with Prospects.
  • To offer and provide consistent, robust support and guidance to students, parents/carers and staff.
  • To work in liaison with local and national partnership agencies in order to promote EETs and reduce NEET’s for students who complete their education at an NHF school.

Work Experience

All Year 10 students who meet the criteria and who are deemed suitable for work experience will be expected to undertake a 1 week placement at a pre agreed time in the academic year.

Due to lack of work experience placements across Bexley and surrounding areas, parents/carers are encouraged to source own find placements to ensure the 1 week opportunity is utilised. students will undertake 1-2-1 sessions with John Seal and parents/carers can also attend this session if they desire.

Parents/carers are asked to contact John Seal to notify him of own find work experience so he can facilitate appropriate Risk Assessments and health and Safety Checks. Please note if students are not undertaking work experience they are expected in school as normal.

If you would like to speak with a member of the Transition team or the Alternative Education Coordinator please do not hesitate to contact them on the details below:

Horizons Academy Bexley - T: 0208 3122746 Ext: 223 or
Endeavour Academy Bexley - T: 01322 553787 Ext: 227

Amie Power
Lead Transition
Learning Mentor
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Chrissy Dare
Learning Mentor
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