BREAKING NEWS: Ofsted Inspection

We were recently inspected by Her Majesty’s Inspector for Schools (Ofsted)
The outcomes and findings of the inspector can be found here

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs. J. Southby
Mr. A. Farrell
Mr. L. Davies
Mr. N. Hazlewood
Ms. L. Reynolds
Ms. S. Graham
Ms. L. Twist
Ms. V. Wadey

Mr. D. Ashby
Ms. S. Fakoya-Adeyemo
Mr. M. Bhebhe
Mr. J. Hill
Mrs. L. Jolley
Mr. C. Cole
Ms. A. Booth
Ms. K. White
Ms. N. Campbell
Ms. S. Gill
Mr. B. Ajilore
Ms. B. Odimayo
Ms. A. Onadeko
Ms. A. Sole
Ms. R. Walker
Ms. H. Wort

Progress Coaches
Ms. K. Bean
Ms. E. Tolfrey
Ms. U. Al-Shiraz
Ms. A. Bristo
Ms. D. Afolabi
Ms. G. Roach
Mr. O. Sanbe

Higher Level Teaching Assistants
Ms. M. Deehy
Ms. L. Wheeler

Teaching Assistants
Ms. E. Caddock

Outreach Staff
Mrs. E. Stubbington
Ms. M. Lawrence
Ms. P. Sim
Mrs. J. Phillips
Ms. W. Brasnell
Ms. K. Ling
Mr. S. Morton
Ms. J. Beckett
Mr. C. Gildea
Ms. L. Akers

Support Staff
Ms. M. Davis
Ms. S. Formolli
Ms. E. Slater
Mrs. S. Spencer
Mr. R. Brown
Mr. G. Abdullahi
Ms. F. Abbott
Mr. B. Adegun
Mr. L. Medley
Mr. D. Murrell

Central Staff
Mrs. H. Jobson
Ms. L. Devencenzi-Hume
Mr. J. Hanson
Mr. T. Everest
Mr. J. Sharrad
Mr. S. Hallinan
Ms. J. Baldwin
Ms. A. Power
Ms. K. Spillane