Pupil premium in Aspire Academy Bexley is used to enhance pupils’ speech and language capabilities as well as giving the pupils the opportunity to experience life chances they may not otherwise experience.

All of our pupils are assessed for speech and language difficulties as this enables us to improve their communication and understanding through focussed intervention plans. Pupils receiving pupil premium funding receive intensive speech and language support from members of the NHS speech and language team.

Additionally, pupil premium pays for ‘Challenger Troop‘

  • Through our unique programmes, which have been endorsed by the Department for Education, we enable each participant to fulfil their academic potential; by developing each individual’s personal, learning and employability skills to help them become confident individuals, effective contributors in class, successful learners and responsible citizens. - www.challengertroop.org.

2014-2015 - £16,000 Speech and language support and interventions

2015/2016 - Possible allocation - £23,000

  • Speech & Language - (Year To Date) - £7300
  • Challenger Troop - Military training to develop resilience, self-esteem and behaviour for learning - £2000
  • iPads (To enable Pupil premium pupils access to computing methods and applications that they would otherwise not be able to encounter) - £5700
  • Reading Eggs/Mathletics (to develop numeracy life skills in scenarios that pupil premium pupils will be unfamiliar with) - £350