At Aspire Academy Bexley we feel it is important that our children have a say in the decisions we make about our school. Often the children are in the best place to tell us how we can improve their experience in school.

Our school council is made up of a representative from each class. To decide on their representative each class holds an election where children can nominate themselves or each other from the role and all nominees get to say why they feel they would be a good school councillor. The class then vote for their favourite candidate.

The school council meets throughout the year. The members of the council canvas the views of their classmates on various issues throughout the year. These often include golden time activity choices, reward day activities, playground games and equipment, school trip ideas and everyday classroom issues. Recently the school council have been working with Harrisons, our school meal provider, to improve the menu on offer at lunchtimes.

School Council members are very important, they are given a badge to wear and their photographs are on display in the school entrance.